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The Slater Foundation for Youth - Creating Opportunities. Changing Lives.
What is TaGG?


Our goal is to impact communities through youth development. In some communities, the biggest challenge is finding resources to support youth and youth programming. The mission of is simple: assist communities in developing the resources necessary to support, educate, and empower their youth. 

Everything on the TaGG site is dedicated to the greater good of the communities represented here. Toward a Greater my city. TaGG MY CITY!

Follow the link below and take a look around. You can explore your own and other communities and participate by supporting the initiatives that impact youth in the community. And whether you give $5 or $5 million, know that you have contributed to something that will impact a child, possibly a child in your own community, and you have thereby impacted the community and the world. YOU, by virtue of your contribution, ARE POWERFUL in your ability to promote the kind of change you'd like to see in world, in your world.

Our mantra is: Why restate the problems with our youth when you can be a part of the solution?
The next generation needs us, let's not fail them.

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