The Slater Foundation for Youth - Donations - Athens, GA
The Slater Foundation for Youth - Creating Opportunities. Changing Lives.
An investment in The Slater Foundation will not only help us to provide much needed programs for is an investment in our community and our future!

  • Your one time donation to the Slater Foundation will help us facilitate the goal of empowering youth, both local and abroad, to succeed in all areas of life!
  • As a sustained giver to The Slater Foundation, your gifts will provide steady income to support our foundation programs. It becomes income that we can count on to help maintain program activities. Your contributions can be automatically charged to your credit card or checking account at the same time each month on an ongoing basis.  You have control to change or stop your payments at any time.
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Contribution statements will be mailed to each donor in January for a record of the previous year's total contributions for tax purchases.

  • The Slater Foundation is committed to helping youth and families in local communities. To fulfill our mission, we need your hands-on support to facilitate outreach and assistance to local programs. If you are interested in volunteering to support local programs, please contact:
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